Flight Instruction

If the concept of flight has fascinated you for years, or you’re looking for an exciting and challenging career, J.A. Air Center operates a Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) certified flight school and aircraft rental business. Whether you’re interested in a private pilot’s license for recreational flying or want to secure your future with training for commercial operation, J.A. Flight Services has a dedicated program that can help you achieve those dreams. Our recently opened campus at Aurora Municipal Airport boasts 150,000 square feet of space, much of which has been dedicated to our J.A.Flight Training Center and flight instruction operation.

We’re proud to offer Cessna Pilot Center web-based curriculum to aviators of every skill level, from beginner pilots fresh out of high school to veteran pilots with hundreds of hours of experience. The program at J.A. is designed to allow both instructors and students to easily and accurately track progress and accomplishments throughout the entire flight school process. The web-based format of the Cessna Pilot Center aviation classes enables you, as the student, to continue your education outside of the classroom and in the comfort of your own home. We’ve found that the level of organization and flexibility built into the CPC program enables our students to earn certificates and flight ratings in less time than the national average in other flight training courses.

The aviation classes at J.A. Flight are designed to keep you engaged, while exposing you to the challenges of flight. We’ll prepare you for the various scenarios you could encounter mid-air, with a focus on safety forming the heart of our flight training programs. J.A. Flight instructors will never send a student pilot on to the next level until they are comfortable and ready. For veteran pilots seeking additional certificates and advanced knowledge, the instructors at J.A. aviation classes are your skilled partners in familiarizing yourself with the latest technology in flight and getting you reacquainted with the process.