Career Pilot Program

The airline industry in the United States faces a pilot shortage, with the need to hire roughly 2 million new airline pilots in the next two decades to meet the demand for commercial, charter, and private pilots. Whether you’re fresh out of high school or looking into a career change, J.A. Flight Services has an opportunity for you to capitalize on the demand for airline pilots. J.A. is offering high school grads and young professionals interested in a career change with a unique chance to secure their financial future through a revolutionary type of vocational training.

The J.A. Flight Service pilot training program will get you ready to serve as a co-pilot in under a year. After 9 months of hands-on learning, you’ll get the chance to move on and serve as a co-pilot for us with Southern Airways. You’ll spend 18-24 months working, with pay, as a Southern Airways co-pilot, where you’ll get on-the-job training and crucial experience that prepares you for a career as a pilot. Following your time at Southern Airways, you’ll receive a follow-on job offer from Mesa Airlines, a regional carrier in the United States working with United Airlines and American Airlines. All J.A. Flight Services pilot training program graduates arrive at Mesa airlines with minimum ATP requirements to work for the airline as a member of the flight crew.

Most importantly, our pilot training programs won’t leave you saddled with debt throughout your professional career. Financing packages are available through AOPA, and you’ll receive student-loan subsidies throughout your career as you meet certain milestones. When you start your career as a Southern Airways co-pilot, you’ll not only receive a salary, but also tuition reimbursements from Mesa Airlines upon completion of JA Flight’s program and a successful interview with Mesa. There’s no stronger path to a career as a pilot than the pilot training programs from J.A. Flight Services!

To take the first step towards your future as a commercial pilot, give us a call at 630-549-2150 to get started or if you have any questions!